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After years working in construction building restaurants Rob Rehm has finally found a workforce that doesn’t talk back.

Rob Rehm and Carla Kapp lead the “flavor growing” Redde Hedde Farms in Delaware, Ohio.

Rehm is the founder, owner, and chief grower for Redde Hedde Farms on Veley Road in rural Delaware, Ohio. The farm has a reputation for growing some of the craziest veggies that you’ll ever see. From “buzz buttons” that is a natural numbing agent to cucomelons which are cucumbers that look like baby watermelons and everything in between.

But then, that wouldn’t shock anyone. Rob is active in the Delaware community with numerous organizations including being among the chief planners of Delaware’s first RUCK walk in honor the number of soldiers and first-responders suicide each year. He is also on the board of directors for One People.

Delaware is the adopted-hometown for Rob after growing up in Southern Michigan and Northeast Ohio. His love of farming goes back to his family roots, and his talent for networking and connecting people comes quite naturally as well.

Rob is a native of Coldwater, Michigan, and resides in Delaware with his girlfriend Carla and has one grown son.