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Whiteside Manufacturing, Co-Owner Secures Patent

Whiteside Manufacturing of Delaware, Ohio, has been assigned a patent recently according to the Mansfield News-Journal.

The patent abstract highlights the apparatus includes a base, spine, post, knee pad, and chest pad components that enable a person to work comfortably on a vehicle’s engine.

The co-inventors were Kirt Whiteside, co-owner of Whiteside Manufacturing and Delaware resident; Shane Obitts, Elyria; Robert E. Studer, New Washington; and Keith Studer, Shelby.

Whiteside Manufacturing, located on Hayes Street, was founded in 1954 when the co-owners father earned $800 officiating and launched the American Dream of his own company. Today the 100,000 square foot facility serves customers that supply the Industrial, Automotive, Big Truck, Heavy Duty, Agriculture, Refineries and Aerospace segments.